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Please give us your feedback.....

Dear Creekside Owner,

With your interest and help, COPA [the Creekside Owners Protective Association] has organized, and has been pursuing the concerns of creekside owners on several fronts. The immediate concern was language that sought to develop trails to "assist the public to have appropriate access to the creek" in a February 2001 draft of the Thornton Creek Watershed Action Plan being prepared by the City with the Watershed Management Committee. The Watershed Management Committee has revised that language, we believe in response to creekside owners organizing to gain a unified voice.

"Trails Through Our Backyards" was an immediate issue that had to be addressed because the watershed plan was nearing completion. Now, we want to turn our attention to those other issues, ideas and problems that creekside owners would like to have addressed.

If you can take a moment to give us some feedback, the Creekside Owners Protective Association wants to hear from you! Be assured that this information will not be shared with any other organization. Thank you for your comments and support.


Describe the qualities & unique features of your segment of Thornton Creek or tributary, such as land, habitat & wildlife.

What kinds of problems occur in your part of the creek and basin?

Is there a way COPA can help you?

General location: creek, nearest intersection, address:

Approximate size of lot:

Approximate length of creek bank:

Do you own one or both sides? 

How long have you lived on the creek



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If you wish, you can also comment by email to: